2021-09-22   陕西言善律师事务所



         结尾,西安企业法律咨询的言善律师事务所段强主任, 张付标律师和李灵刚律师等一起同亚美尼亚友人合影留念。


        The Xi’an Armenian Friendship Association with 18 delegates visited our law firm today. Both parties have discussed the problems about visas, labour and economic disputes and so on the Armenian facing in Xi’an and China where they are working and studying. Our Lawyers Mr. Linggang Li and Fubiao Zhang provided legal counsel and advice in person and encouraged all the Armenian to protect their legitimate rights and interests with legal weapon.

         We believe the Armenian friends will know further about the Chinese law after the meeting, and believe China is a widely open and inclusive modern country. Yanshan law firm is pleased to help all the international friends protecting their legitimate rights and interests according to the Chinese law. 

        Eventually, Yanshan’s director Mr. Qiang Duan,lawyer Mr. Fuqiang Zhang and lawyer Mr. Linggang Li and so on took the pictures with all the Armenian friends together.